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10 GAMING Computers Minimum Spec


Quad Core 3.8ghz
16 GB Ram
1050 video cards

PC Gaming Prices

10am - 5pm half-day morning pass 8

5.30pm - 11pm half-day afternoon pass 8

10am - 11pm  all-day pass 15

or per minute, working out at 3 per hour



we have speakers and basic 5 button gaming mice on PCs

Customers are welcome to bring  their own keyboards, mice and headphones, or even complete gaming PC.

Some of the Games Installed:

League of Legends, Dota2, World of Tanks
World of Warcraft, Counter Strike and Overwatch.

Please call ahead to make sure the game you wish to play is installed and up-to-date. We are more then happy to install most games on our PCs if you wish to play them .