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Trading Card Games

We hold events for many TCG's! MTG is the flagship TCG, though we also have events and stock for Vangaurd, Weiss Shcwarz and Yi-Gi-Oh


Magic the Gathering

GlobalGaming hosts Magic the Gathering tournaments, leagues, and open play. We also carry a wide selection of singles for standard, modern, and legacy formats.



We host drafts, FNM, Commander, and league events as well as other special events from time to time.


card selection

We carry boosters of current and past sets. We also keep a collection of over 20,000 cards from the New Phyrexia up to the current set. If there is a card you need, we are likely to have it or we’ll be able to help you find it. Current in-print set boosters are £3.49 per pack, or £90 per box. Legacy boosters vary in price according to market valuation. Call or stop in for current set availability and pricing. Pricing exceptions apply to special release and foreign language sets. View our current MTG stock online!



You can prepray for the upcoming set for £82 per box. Preorders are limited to first availability. Preorder Promos are limited to one per person.


Find us on Facebook!

There are two groups on Facebook we help manage for the TCG scene in the Midlands, MTGBirmingham and TCGBirmingham